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Malaysian-born RANI MOORTHY came to Britain in 1996 after many years as an actress, writer and director in South East Asia. The unique alchemy of being a migrant and an outsider at every stage in her life deeply informs her writing and performance. She is artistic director of Rasa, founded in 1988 to celebrate the enduring migrant experience through powerful, critically acclaimed theatre journeys. She has appeared in Coronoation Street, A&E, Cold Feet, Moving On, Prisoner’s Wives and played Mrs.Bilal in the BBC-1 sitcom Citizen Khan. Her latest play Whose Sari Now, traces how the garment impacts the lives of women across boundaries and generations.Ceylon Dust is her debut collection of short-stories.   



Pushparani, a Tamil woman who joined the armed struggle in Sri Lanka in the 1970s.

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